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Terms of service

Terms of service on TradeGuide24
Who can register to the site?
Everyone, worldwide. However You should be mentally ready to correspond with other people on this website. 
Fees and payment
You can register to the site free. However, it is necessary to pay in order to use the full potential. 
You can choose out of Gold or Diamond memberships. Differences are explained here. 
Uploading images
Uploading images is easy. Be advised to only use high quality images with visible products. Provide Your own pictures. Provide legal pictures without any copyrights or use only pictures You have permission to use. In case of any violation TradeGuide24 will remove all pictures immediately without informing. Further violation will result in banning Your account for one month.
Modifying products
Modify Your products anytime. Be advised to modify correctly and insert only information You‘re sure about. TradeGuide24 takes no responsibility for fake, wrong or stolen information. You are responsible for Your content! A violation of 3rd party rights will result in deleting the offer by TradeGuide24. Further violation will result in banning Your account for one month.
Personal information
Provide correct and transparent contact information. Don‘t list 3rd parties as YOU, even if they belong to You or Your company. Only use Your personal contact. Using fake contact information will result in a permanent ban! 
Making deals
Found an item You wish to purchase? Contact the seller through our website. 
If you need specific products, upload a request. Others will contact You. Be advised to trade with people You checked or trust or people using trusted payment methods. TradeGuide24 has a safety tips tab for additional information. 
Payments to traders
TradeGuide24 takes no commission from sales and we don‘t manage any payments. It is Your duty to pay for items You have purchased unless You made a different agreement with the seller or manufacturer. You don‘t pay taxes or fees to TradeGuide24. Also You don‘t pay shipping costs to TradeGuide24. You pay directly to the opposite party. 
After purchases, You can rate buyers, sellers and manufacturers. Be advised, that false and  ratings will be removed immediately. A further violation of ratings will result in banning Your account for 1 month and deleting all ratings You have achieved to this day. 
Social media
You can connect Your social media accounts to TradeGuide24 in Your profile. Be advised, that Tradeguide24 is just the host of the website and has no connection to 3rd party platforms. 
Our rights
We will remove items from the site in case of violation of our terms of service!