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Terms of service

What is actually tradeguide24?
Tradeguide24 is an online platform where business people and companies can sell and buy items in big amount. You can share information about yourself or your company, contact with other sellers/buyers to manage a great bargain.
Who can register to the site?
To register  to the Tradeguide24 you should considered as a legal adult.
Is paying required to register to the site?
You can register to the site free, but to use all the functionality you should choose one of our packages.

What kind of package can i choose?
You can choose from 4 packages. Check out our packages in  the prices table.

How can i upload items?
You can upload items in four simply way. You can choose and add everything that you consider  important of making a succesfull business. You can only upload products which are legal to distribute in all countries.

Can i modify my items?
Of course. You can modify your previously uploaded items.
Can i modify my personal information?
Yes. After registration you get an own profile page wich you can update whenever you want.
How can i make a deal?
If you find an item what you want to buy, you can contact the seller on the site, or in e-mail, and you discuss the price, the amount ,deliery method etc.
If you need something, you can upload a requests, and if anybody has what you search then he will contact you.

Can i pay for the products through the site?
No you can’t. The only goal of this site is to give a place for the traders where they can show their products, or find items they need and communicate with others.

Can I send messages to other users on the site?
Yes you can send as many message as you want if there is an items you want to buy, or you are interested in something.

Can i rate items or sellers?
Yes. we add opportunity to rate the seller from you bought, and the items what you bought.

Can i share items, or seller on social media?
Obviously. If you would like to share something you can do it on facebook, or twitter.
Can i add my social media adress to my profil page?
Yes you can add, if you want to.
Seller and buyer memberships
Everybody who buy a membership can sell and buy on the site.

Our rights
We can remove items from the site in the case of it is violates our terms.