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How to become a member on Tradeguide24?
To register a member on Tradeguide24, please:
  1. Go to Join Free.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Follow the instructions and you will be informed by a confirmation page.
  4. Please make sure that all the columns marked with "*" are requested to fill out.
How do I login?
Click  Log in in the top navigation bar to enter your User Name and password. 

You will always need to login to access secure parts of the site. But, if you enable the cookies in your computer, the site can "remember" your user name and password and allow you access to public pages without having to log in every time you visit.
What is the purpose of Logout?
It is for security reason. Please log out before your close the browser to protect the confidentiality of your user name and password if you use a shared or public computer.
Why can't I log in to Tradeguide24?
If you can't login, it might be because of one of the following reasons:
  1. If you see the error message, "User Name or Password does not exist", try logging in again. 
    Please make sure you've entered the correct User Name and Password. 
    Also, your password is case sensitive, so make sure your "Caps Lock" key is set correctly.
  2. If you see the error message, "If you see this message immediately after logging in, you should check....", you might need to reset your Internet browser settings. 
  3. Unknown server errors, and Internet traffic problems might also affect signing in. Wait a few minutes, and try again later.
What if I forgot my password?
  1. Simply click on the Did you forget your password?’ link from the page.
  2. Enter your User Name AND your registered e-mail address.
  3. Click Send to complete the process.

Why was my Password not accepted during the registration process?
There are a few possible reasons:
  1. Your password failed in containing 4-20 characters (choose from A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore, no spaces).
  2. Your "Password" and "Re-enter Password" does not equal.
How to change my password?
To change your password, please:
  1. Login and then go to My Guide.
  2. Click "Change Password" link from the toolbar under Account Settings.
  3. Follow the detailed instructions.
  4. To confirm that your change was successful, try logging in again.
Can I change my User Name?
Yes, you can. To change your User Name, please:
  1. Login and then go to My Guide.
  2. Click "User Info" link from the toolbar under Account Settings.
  3. Update your information, and click "Save Info".
What can I do if I've forgotten my User Name?
  1. Please ask to Us by providing with your company detail for verification purpose; or
  2. Register a new User Name.
Why was my Email Address not accepting during the registration process?
There are a few possible reasons:
  1. Your Email Address failed in containing correct Email Address format, like, etc. If you don't have one, please register at Email Address provider, such as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, etc.
  2. Your Email Address host does not a valid host.
How do I get my cookies to work?
You will need to configure your browser to accept cookies. Check out these details.

How to modify my member information at Tradeguide24?
To modify your member information, please:
  1. Login and then go to My Guide
  2. Click "Update User Info" link from the toolbar under Account Settings”.
  3. Update your information, and click "Save Info".

What informations can i add to my profile page?
You can add your name, your adresses, your companys name, adresse, contacts.

How can I upload an item?
Uploading product consists 4 ways.

1.) Choose the category where you want to upload your product.
2.) Add your product’s basic info such as name, minimum order amount, stock, and you can add a description of it.
3.) Add billing and shipping infos.
4.) Upload pictures of your product.

How can i upload a request?
Uploading a request starts with the same step like product updating. You have to choose a category. Then you can add a description of the product you looking for.

Can I send a message to others?
If you have a purchased membership you can send a message to everyone you want.

Can I delete my previously uploaded products?
Yes of course. If you sold it, or you don’t want to sell it anymore, you can delete your products.

Can I rate the products and seller?
Yes obviously. You can rate them with stars, and you can add a review.

Which language is avaliable on the site?
The only avaliable language is the English.

What purpose does the watchlist serve?
It can be very useful if you want to watch an item continously, for example if you waiting for pricedropping.

How can I add products to watch list?
If you want to hold a product in the watchlist, you can do it. This button is next to the products, and you must simply click on it.

What is actually the special newsletter?
If you activate this function, you can add search words in those categories in wich you are interested in, and you will get newsletter only from this categories as well.

How can I highlight my products?
There is a link „highlight product” below all your products in your offers menu. Click on it, and you can choose what kind of highlighting would you like to use. Choose it, and click next button. If your billing address is completed, you can click next.  If you didnt add your paypal address to your profil menu, you can’t highlight products. Firts of all you have to add it. If everything is ok, just click buy now button, and your product will be highlighted if an empty place will be avaliable. 
Safety and Security is focussed on giving you, our esteemed members, the best experience while exploring the universe of online trading. We ensure that the utmost safety is ensured for the personally identifiable information (your identity, professional address, contact details etc.) that you provide us as well as your online trading activity. However, as with any web-portal, a degree of risk is always involved with regards to malicious computer programs and individuals who are looking to exploit the loopholes in a system to ‘steal’ data and other sensitive information for their personal gain. These malicious activities are collectively termed as ‘Internet Fraud’. As a responsible net browser, you can ensure that these risks are cancelled by following some basic and simple steps:

  • The username and Password that you use to log into is personal and sensitive information. Kindly don’t share this with anyone or write it down in a medium that can be easily accessed by others. Unauthorised use of your password cannot be distinguished by the system unless you expressively intimate it to us.
  • While communicating with traders online, ensure that you don’t commit to any trading commitment unless you are completely assured of the genuineness of the trade offer as well as the trader making this offer. While we at Tradeguide24 ensure through a strenuous manual check that all new profiles added on the website are genuine, it is your duty to ensure your professional safety by double-checking everything.
  • When trading online, information is everything. However, information can be twisted to appear credible while it may not always be the case. Beware of companies that provide minimal contact information- just a fax number, an email id on their profile. The company website may appear professional and genuine but it could just be a disguise. Always conduct your own internet search to generate more credible facts about the company. In case of further queries, contact us.
  • Spamming is a constant menace in any online situation. Kindly don’t encourage spamming or indulge in any in your own capacity. Spamming is defined as any activity wherein you indulge in excessive self-promotion at the expense of another individual’s privacy and membership rights. Kindly report any spamming activity when you suspect a member of indulging in it.
  • Be particularly watchful about payments made via credit cards. A fraud buyer may insist on splitting a large payment via 3-4 credit cards and use stolen credit cards to complete this transaction. While this may not always be the case, it’s better to ensure your own safety by requesting for payment options that are comfortable for you.
You can read more tips about fighting internet fraud here: „Safety Tips
For any instances listed above, or if you seek any clarifications, kindly contact us now.