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How can I upload an item?
1) Choose the appropriate category 
2) Add your product’s basic info (name, MOQ, stock, etc.)
3) Add a description 
4) Add billing and shipping info
5) Upload pics of your product
How can I upload a request?
Uploading a request starts with the same steps like updating a product. You have to choose a category. Then you can add a description for the product you looking for.
Which language is available on the website?
English only! 
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How to highlight?
There is a highlight product button below all your products in offers menu. Click it and choose what kind of highlight you like to use. Keep in mind: If you don‘t add your PayPal address to your profile, you can’t highlight products. 
Safety and Security
Your user name and password is personal and sensitive. We advise You not to share this information with anyone. Unauthorized use of your password cannot be distinguished by the system. In case of any unauthorized access 
While communicating with traders online, ensure that you don’t commit to any trading commitment unless you are completely assured of the genuineness of the trade offer as well as the trader. While we at Tradeguide24 ensure through manual checks that all new profiles added on the website are genuine, it is your duty to ensure your professional safety by double-checking everything.
Beware of companies providing minimal contact information. Always conduct your own internet search to generate more credible facts about the company. 
Be particularly watchful about payments made via credit cards. A fraud buyer may insist on splitting a large payment via 3-4 credit cards and use stolen credit cards to complete this transaction. While this may not always be the case, it’s better to ensure your own safety by requesting for payment options that are comfortable for you.