Stocklot and wholesale

Seller FAQ

1) How many products can I publish on the website?
Currently, there is no limit to the number of offers/products you may list on the site being a „Premium Member”. Multiple offers of the same product are prohibited and will be deleted. We also reserve the right to remove offers that are inappropriate do harm or be offensive. All new offers are manually checked.
2) Do I have to pay a commission to TradeGuide24 if I make a sale?
No! There is a fix annual fee You have to pay for in order to use the website. 
3) How long will my wholesale offers stay on the TradeGuide24 website?
There is no expiry date after uploading a new offer. This means that the offer will remain on the TradeGuide24 site for as long as you remain a member (unless you choose to delete it). This means that you don't need to keeping renewing the offer listings for your regular product lines. 
4) Can I place a specific expiry date on an offer?
Yes. If you have an offer running for a limited time or a seasonal offer, you can enable a specific expiry date when you upload the offer. The offer will automatically be removed after the set expiry date.
5) Can I edit/delete one of my existing offers?
Yes, just log in and go to Your offers. 
6) How do I get my wholesale offers to show up on the TradeGuide24 home page?
The offers featured on the home page are a random selection of the most recent offers uploaded to tradeguide24. 
7) How can I track the number of visitors TradeGuide24 is sending me?
Your membership includes access to our tracking software which allows you to see exactly how many visits you had. 

8) How can I cancel my subscription to TradeGuide24?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your Basic / Premium account and following the instructions. Or send us a mail here.