Stocklot and wholesale

Seller FAQ

Who are the typical buyers searching for stock on TradeGuide24?

We have buyer members from all different sectors. Our members don't fall into any specific category other than the fact that they are all looking for good quality stock and new products to sell. 


How many products can I advertise at any one time on the site?

There is currently no limit to the number of offers/products you may list on the site as a „Premium Member” however we do ask that members refrain from listing multiple offers for the same product. We also reserve the right to remove any offers which may be considered offensive in any way. Note that all offers are manually reviewed by our staff prior to being posted on the TradeGuide24 site and as such your offers may take up to 8 hours to be displayed. 

Do I have to pay a commission to TradeGuide24 if I make a sale?

Absolutely not - the only fee you pay to Tradeguide24 is your fixed monthly membership fee. There is nothing else to pay. 

How long will my wholesale offers stay on the tradeGuide24 website?

By default, no expiry date will be set when you upload a new offer. This means that the offer will remain on the TradeGuide24 site for as long as you remain a member (unless you choose to delete it). This means that you don't need to keeping renewing the offer listings for your regular product lines. 

Can I place a specific expiry date on an offer?

Of course. If you have an offer running for a limited time period or a seasonal offer, you can state a specific expiry date when you upload the offer details and the offer will automatically be removed from the TradeGuide24 site on that date. 

Can I edit/amend/delete one of my existing offers?

Yes - you can perform all of the above tasks once you are logged into the members area. 

How do I get my wholesale offers to show up on the TradeGuide24 home page?

The offers featured on the home page are a random selection of the most recent offers uploaded to the TradeGuide24 site. Premium members may not re-submit the same offer over and over again purely to try and keep it on the home page. 

How can I track the number of visitors TradeGuide24 is sending me?

Your membership includes access to our custom tracking software which allows you to see exactly how many visitors have been referred to your website from TradeGuide24. You can also see which of your offers are prompting our buyer members to visit your site which will enable you to quickly see which offers are most effective at attracting you new visitors. 

I can supply the products referred to in one of the 'Request' adverts - how do I contact the buyer and tell them?

You need to be logged into the members area of the TradeGuide24 site in order to contact buyers. Once you are logged in, you will be able to contact individual 'Request' advert posters by viewing the appropriate advert and clicking on the 'Contact Buyer' link. 

Do I have to provide a delivery service to TradeGuide24 buyers?

Of course there is no requirement for you to provide a delivery service to any buyers if you prefer not to though doing so will usually result in more business as it makes you accessible to a larger proportion of the buying population. 

Do I have to provide a drop-shipping service to TradeGuide24 buyers?

Again, it is entirely your decision if you wish to provide a drop-shipping service to our members. 


How can I cancel my subscription to TradeGuide24?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your Basic / Premium account and following their cancellation instructions. Alternatively, just send us an email via our contact form which you will find here.