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Nokia 3720 mobile phone (5.6 cm (2.2 inch) display, 2 megapixel camera) various colors with and with

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The Nokia 3720 classic is durable, reliable, easy to use and ideal for capturing special moments and sharing them with others. The Nokia 3720 classic is a real outdoor mobile phone. It is insensitive to vibrations, dust and splash water and has a long-lasting battery. With the 2-megapixel camera, you can capture unusual events that you can share with friends at any time via Bluetooth, e-mail, MMS or Ovi Share. The Nokia 3720 classic is not only resistant, but also attractive in design and pleasant to use. The devices are power on / off and tested for LCD functionality. The devices are delivered incl. Battery and back cover. Photos Illustratively no guarantee that the condition is the same as seen in the photos. Delivery time can be up to 7 working days. Power on / off tested means that the devices are checked to see if they can be switched on. The LCD is also tested. Not tested on Sim or Netlock. No guarantee on the function of the batteries in the normal case, but they only need to be charged, some batteries have to be shocked. This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers. The sale is made as a special item expressly without guarantee or redemption. Amount payable immediately without deduction. After receipt of payment I send the package directly. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty, no conversion reduction or return.


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