Stocklot and wholesale

Buyer FAQ

1) Can I buy products from wholesale without a registered business?
Yes, You’re free to buy products from some buyers. However, You’ll have to include the appropriate VAT rate valid the desired country.
2) When I buy through TradeGuide24, who is the seller?
TradeGuide24 is just a marketplace to introduce manufacturers, sellers and buyers. We as TradeGuide24 don’t sell or produce anything. Business is done directly with the seller or manufacturer You want to deal with. 
3) Offers don‘t show any contact details. Why?
You need to be a registered member of the website to see contact details. Note that suppliers may require you to register in order to view their wholesale prices.  
4) I‘m looking for products that aren‘t offered on TradeGuide24. Can I get them here anyway?
Use the „Requests“ tab to post a request on the website. This request allows sellers to contact you if they can supply the products you are looking for. Don't forget that there are many suppliers listed in the TradeGuide24‘s b2b directory so you may well find a suitable wholesaler within this database even though they may not be listing product offers on the site. 
5) I cannot post requests. Why? 
Only 'Premium Members' can post offers and requests. 
6) Do prices on TradeGuide24 include VAT?
Each offer states whether VAT is included or isn‘t in the offered price. If You‘re unsure, just contact the seller. 
7) I am only a small trader selling part-time on Amazon or ebay. Is TradeGuide24 suitable for me?
Yes! TradeGuide24 is for all traders regardless of their size. If you are interested in buying stock for resale, then our service will be of use to you. 
8) Will any of the suppliers listed on TradeGuide24 drop-ship to my customers?
Drop-shipping is very much in its infancy in the world and many wholesalers offer this service. However, there are exceptions and if there is a specific product line that you would like drop-shipped, it is worth asking the supplier to provide such service. 
9) Can I make profit on TradeGuide24?
If You don‘t this business is not right for You. The annual price of 599€ (regular offer) is the only cost You have (unless You buy additional ads). There are no additional costs, no additional fees, nothing, so basically You have one year to make as much profit as possible. 
10) What‘s a MOQ?
MOQ = Minimum order quantity. This is the amount You at least need to buy, to get the product and price displayed on the website. It is NOT possible to buy less than the displayed MOQ, unless the seller or manufacturer agrees to sell less. 
11) Who ships my purchased goods and who pays for shipping? 
Your purchased goods are shipped either by the seller, manufacturer or an authorized partner. TradeGuide24 doesn‘t ship or charge money for shipping. Shipping costs are either included in offers or on inquiry. Remember that shipping is relative to amount. If You buy a truck, shipping is more expensive than a 30kg parcel. 
12) How can I cancel my subscription to TradeGuide24?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your account. Alternatively, just send us an email via our contact form which you will find here.