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Buyer FAQ

Can I buy products from wholesales if I am not a registered business ?

Yes, You are able to buy products from some of the wholesellers. In this case You will have to include the VAT rate valid for the particular country.

When I buy through TradeGuide24, who am I actually purchasing from?

TradeGuide24 is merely a venue used to introduce wholesalers and buyers. We do not actually sell stock and all purchases will be made directly from whichever wholesale supplier you choose to deal with. Full contact details for the suppliers making the wholesale offers advertised on this site are provided when you are a paid up member of the TradeGuide24 site. 

I am interested in one of the wholesale offers but I don't seem to be able to view the suppliers contact details/wholesale prices, why is this?

You need to be logged into the site in order to view the suppliers contact details and wholesale pricing. If you are already a member, you can login using the ' Login' facility at the top of the menu. If you are not yet a member, you can join by clicking here. Note that some suppliers may require you to register with them in order to view their wholesale prices (this process will usually involve completing a brief online form and should always be free). 

I can't find a specific product that I would like to buy wholesale, what do I do?

You can post a 'Request' advert on the site. This will allow wholesalers who see your advert to contact you if they can supply the products you are looking for. It also means that our in-house sourcing team can endeavour to find the product/s you require. In the event that we are successful in locating a supplier for you, we will email you details of the supplier and their contact details. Don't forget that there are over 1000 suppliers listed in the TradeGuide24 b2b directory so you may well find a suitable wholesaler within this database even though they may not be listing product offers on the site. 

If I post a 'Request' advert, what information will be passed to interested suppliers?

We do not pass any personal details to any suppliers. Initial contact is made via private email through this website. If you wish to provide further contact details to a particular wholesaler/supplier at this point, it is entirely your decision. 

I don't seem to be able to post a „Request”advert, why is this?

Only 'Premium Members' can post wholesale offer adverts. You can find out more about becoming a „Premuim” member by clicking here.

Do the suppliers prices on TradeGuide24 include VAT?

As a general rule, wholesalers quote their prices net of VAT however each wholesale offer should state whether VAT is included (or not) in the quoted price. If in any doubt, work on the basis that VAT is not included and should be added at the current rate and always check with the supplier before making a purchase. 

I am only a small trader selling part-time on Amazon/e-Bay, is TradeGuide24 suitable for me?

Absolutely yes! The TradeGuide24 site caters for all traders regardless of size. If you are interested in buying stock to resell, then our service will be of use to you. 
Will any of the suppliers listed on TradeGuide24 drop-ship directly to my customers?

Drop-shipping (the process of delivering orders directly to your customers without you having to ever take delivery of any stock) is very much in its infancy in the world and many wholesalers offer this service. However, there are exceptions and if there is a specific product line that you would like drop-shipped, it is worth asking if the supplier will provide such a service. Do bear in mind though that the vast majority will decline - the bottom line is that wholesalers want to sell in bulk, it is what they are set up to do. Packing and shipping individual items at a wholesale price is not an attractive proposition for most genuine trade suppliers. 

I have seen other wholesale directories offering details of over 5,000 wholesalers, why do you not have this many in your directory?

 In recent years as competition amongst 'wholesale directory' type sites has increased, the trend has been for new sites to try and make themselves sound a better option than their competitors by offering the contact details of more and more suppliers. Unfortunately the way in which they have managed to achieve this is by filling their directories with details of discount stores and similar 'cut-price' outlets which are not wholesalers at all. Remember, quality is far more important than quantity. With TradeGuide24 you get a top quality directory of wholesalers all of whom are able to supply you at wholesale prices. 

What sort of profit margin can I expect to make on products sourced through TradeGuide24?

The answer to this question varies widely depending on the products in question. Highly competitive products such as DVDs, computer equipment and other electronic goods have a very low profit margin - often no more than 5%. On less competitive products you can often achieve margins of 100% or more. 

Do the suppliers have minimum order quantities?

This depends on the individual supplier but as a general rule wholesalers will ask either that you spend a certain amount each time you buy from them (often as little as 50€ or 100€) or that you buy from them on a regular basis for example weekly. Remember wholesalers are set up to sell products at a discounted price on a regular basis to customers that wish to resell the products and buy again. They are not in business to provide discounts to consumers wishing to buy one or two items for their own use. class="backtop" Beware of any website that implies that this is the case as unfortunately it isn't. 

I am interested in one particular product. Can I buy a single address ?
It is not possible.

Transportation of purchased goods

Tradeguide24 b2b marketplace does not provide the transportation services. We also do not suggest which firms can provide this kind of service. Most of the wholesales from the TradeGuide’s database can provide the transportation of purchased good for additional charge.

How can I cancel my subscription to TradeGuide24?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your Free/Premium account and following their cancellation instructions. Alternatively, just send us an email via our contact form which you will find here.