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Terracell Pro-Fit Fish

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Terracell - Pro-Fit Fish - Optimal quality of life for fish and aquatic animals is feasible from today A purely biological product to improve the water environment and vitality of fish Pure plant extract , liquid, with trace elements Product Presentation Pro-Fit Fish is a purely biological product , which helps to strengthen the immune system , calm and absence of stress in animals, the fish and shrimp farming , factory farming in general . Studies of the addition product showed that there was less stress -related injuries . Feed efficiency is better and stronger immune system. The disease rates would be reduced and the yield optimized. The insert is in the professional , amateur and aquaristik and pond owners also of interest because the focus here is again on robust and vital animals. Vitale animals not only spread more joy , but also reduce the use of expensive drugs. Through regular use of a better water environment is achieved. Ingredients Pro-Fit Fish , like all our products are made ​​from 100 % organic components is made. All ingredients are processed from selected plant and fruit extracts , with the vegetable acids , vitamins, plant sugars , trace elements and fruit oils contained therein , to a liquid concentrate and antioxidant effect . All substances and the finished product are not dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. The quality is confirmed by certificates of analysis by independent laboratories . Applications Pro-Fit Fish the water quality in the aquarium or pond fish farming system improved. Existing disease symptoms are often improved by the addition of Pro-Fit Fish and assist the healing process . The functions behave properly in fresh and salt water. Pro-Fit Fish was in Europe , Africa, Asia and tested successfully . Dosage & Application Basic Formula for Dosage: 1 drop per ~ 100 liters of water Dosage of great waters is regulated by the product weight : 22 drops 1 g ~ 2200 liters of water volume Application: regularly 1-2 times a week depending on water condition . Even with large overdose no adverse effects were recorded on animal and water. container sizes Small consumers : PE bottles : 30 ml, 100 ml , 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml Farms : Canister 5 l , 20 l Barrel : 200 l IBC container : 800 l storage not above 35 ° C dark and cool place ( 25 ° C). Exposure to direct sunlight can destroy the product properties. No hazardous ! Keep children safe The product should always be hermetically sealed. Storage time 2 to 3 years, depending on storage temperature.


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