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Special items from Amazon cartons contain up to 1300 items

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Remnants / special items / mixed items from Amazon cartons flea market, bazaar, retail sale !!!! Fixed price = last price = pain limit = not negotiable !!!! It offers Amazon remaining items and other remaining items, cell phone accessories, displays foils, armored foils, smartphone and tablet covers, covers, flip-flops, batteries, various adapters, routers, headsets, various small electronics such as cell phones, smartphones, actions owners, dummies. There are certain 1250-1300 parts. Buy 1250 - 1300 pieces included for € 799.00. Goods are packed from a pallet, we pack so that the cheapest shipping costs are incurred, it may be that you get fewer boxes, but the number of the collection will be preserved. Fit with PayPal as a friend, for actions 79.99 € shipping costs across Germany or 149.99 € across Europe. Payments by bank transfer including shipping from Germany to other EU countries You only pay € 79.99 shipping costs. Shipping throughout Germany / XXL DHL package up to 120x60x60cm, 79.99 € throughout Germany or 149.99 € across Europe. Special price, normal 1.499,00 € !!! I know, now guys are coming again that is mine go on !!! !!!! Fixed price = last price = pain limit = not negotiable !!!! This is about goods that have been packed by Palette, Biggest rights OVP. 90% new goods It is a and a product that still contains the original packaging but also contains the torn open or the packaging is missing. For retail sales you sell x times The retail sale is heard many times over. Photos Illustratively no guarantee that the goods are, as we get different goods every week. Photos only show what can be. You are not entitled to a certain product. Since there are always people who mean themselves, then look for the articles you get. Delivery time can help up to 7 working days. Sales to dealers with and without trade license. Sales excluding any warranty, no reduction, conversion or redemption.


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