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LG Spirit 4G smartphone 4.7 inches, HD IPS display, 64GB Android 5.0-6.0

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Suspicious The new LG Spirit 4G LTE combines the latest technologies with an exceptional design and presents itself as a premium smartphone at an entry-level price. The stylish curved design with a premium metallic look is pleasantly striking and lies extremely well in the hand. There is also a brilliant 11.9 cm (4.7 inch) IPS display with HD resolution - the innovative rear key design ensures the perfect combination of size and handiness. With the powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and long-lasting SiO + battery power, you are always on the go at all times and everywhere. The fast, high-end 8-megapixel camera and attractive comfort features such as touch & shoot, selfie cam and knock code also guarantee you maximum smartphone fun. That's where real premium spirit comes from!   Experience HD This is otherwise only known from the luxury class: an 11.9 cm (4.7 inch) display with the latest IPS technology. Whether you are watching photos and videos or experiencing great adventures while playing - with the sharp HD resolution and the brilliant colors you always have the feeling of being right in the middle. The LG Spirit 4G LTE combines maximum image size with handiness, because the unique rear key design makes the device extremely compact despite the large display. And the good news for everyone who would prefer not to put it down: Thanks to the ergonomic curved shape, it is particularly comfortable to hold - and even better on the ear during long calls.   Pure performance Did you think quad-core processors are expensive and consume a lot of battery power? Forget it. Because now the new LG Spirit 4G LTE is coming. And thus top quad-core performance at an affordable price. Look forward to high-speed surfing, games and fun without any graphics stutters. Even extensive multitasking is not a problem! Another advantage: The LG Spirit cycles down in applications that require less power or are in sleep mode and thus saves electricity.   Maximum endurance The new LG Spirit 4G LTE is always full of energy. So you can do whatever you want. Anytime, anywhere - and as long as you want. Surf spontaneously on the go with high-speed LTE, check emails, play, chat or make calls - you can rely on the powerful and replaceable battery with SiO + technology. Even if it takes a little longer - don't worry about the next outlet. Just enjoy the freedom that the new LG Spirit 4G LTE gives you.   Become an eye-catcher Understatement is not for the new LG Spirit 4G LTE - it shows at first glance what it is: a top smartphone with a unique curved design. This not only attracts everyone's attention - it is also ergonomically comfortable and ensures a sensational viewing experience with its subtly curved screen. And with the innovative rear key design, LG has achieved something that seems impossible: a large 4.7-inch screen with the handiness of a smaller 4.5-inch smartphone. Because the edge is so thin that almost the entire surface can be used for the image. If you want a premium look at an extremely good price, you've come to the right place!   Here you are the star! Remember your best moments now with brilliant memories. With the new LG Spirit 4G LTE and its powerful 8 megapixel camera. It is super fast and easy to use. With the Touch & Shoot function, a short touch of the screen is enough to trigger. There is another real highlight for all selfie fans: you can trigger the camera with just a hand gesture, without tapping the screen. In addition, the front camera has a lighting function - so you can take sharp photos even in poor lighting conditions. Look forward to many wonderful moments with the LG Spirit.   Comfort redefined The best technique is the one that is simple and looks good. And that's exactly what the new LG Spirit 4G LTE has. With the intuitive Knock Code, the screen can be unlocked easily and securely - just a tap of the finger. The user interface also shows a real premium look, the clear and clear LG GUI graphics make every action a real pleasure. This comfort package is supplemented by the latest Android version 5.0 Lollipop and QSlide for simple multitasking and uncomplicated smartphone fun. Transfer, Transferwise up to 100 devices € 19.99. Front our full list of EU Stock List 2019 over 150,000 devices at top prices. Order only if you want to pay !!!! The devices are power on / off and tested for LCD functionality. The devices are delivered incl. Battery and back cover. These devices are tested by our suppliers, not by us. The devices are devices that have been written off or sorted out by providers. The delivery


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