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Samsung i9000/i9001/9003 Galaxy 8GB Android 4.4.4

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Update software to 4.4.4 included. Powerful and with lots of possibilities for multimedia entertainment - this is how the Samsung Galaxy S Plus convinces. The highlight of the elegant, flat Android smartphone is the ultra-fast 1.4 GHz processor and the extra-large Super AMOLED touchscreen. Not only is watching videos a pleasure here. Surfing the Internet is also easy thanks to high-speed Internet access with up to 14.4 Mbit / s or WLAN n standard and the multi-touch zoom. To personalize the Samsung Galaxy S Plus, numerous current and useful apps are available for download in the Android Market. A first-class interaction of hardware and functions does the rest for an excellent user experience at the highest level! The Samsung Galaxy S Plus - A powerful entertainer with lots of possibilities. Absolutely visually stunning   AMOLED is a display technology in which organic LEDs (OLED) are made to glow independently by applying a voltage. Compared to conventional displays, AMOLED displays offer, among other things, a significantly higher contrast, a larger color gamut and a free viewing angle with lower energy consumption. In short: AMOLED stands for an ultra-brilliant viewing experience. Super AMOLED represents a consequent further development of this technology. While conventional AMOLED displays use an indium tin oxide touch receptor layer separated by air cushions to determine where the finger is touching the touch screen, this reaction layer is now super thin on the display in Super AMOLED. In best communication   If you want to share videos or pictures you have made yourself, you can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to access them directly via the mobile network - just touch the touchscreen. Local expert to take away   Not only know where you are right now, but also how to get somewhere else. With GPS and Google Maps with Navigation there is a full-fledged navigation solution on board, which guides the optimal route with clear voice instructions. Order only if you want to pay !!!! The devices are power on / off and tested for LCD functionality. The devices are delivered incl. Battery and back cover. These devices are tested by our suppliers, not by us. The devices are devices that have been written off or sorted out by providers. The devices are delivered in different colors. The majority of the goods are used B-C goods (B and C quality). There may also be devices that have never been used. The devices are supplied with a battery and back cover. If there is not the full number of devices in stock, we can supplement them with devices of the same price range. Devices with a broken display are sorted out immediately. The devices are power on / off and tested for LCD functionality. The devices are delivered incl. Battery and back cover. Photos Illustratively no guarantee that the condition is the same as seen in the photos. Delivery time can be up to 7 working days. Power on / off tested means that the devices are checked to see if they can be switched on. The LCD is also tested. Not tested on Sim or Netlock. No guarantee on the function of the batteries in the normal case, but they only need to be charged, some batteries have to be shocked. This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers. The sale is made as a special item expressly without guarantee or redemption. Amount payable immediately without deduction. After receipt of payment I send the package directly. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty, no conversion reduction or return.


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