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A12 led grow light wholesale is one of the products of LED light source named products based on the number of lighting beams. A12 LED plant growth lamp has 12 beams, so we call it A12 LED lamp. The plant light has a partial spectrum from the blue to red (400-700nm) spectrum, which can provide an artificial best light source for plant growth, and will change according to the growth of the plant, so plant light is also known as growth light. It plays an important role in the growth and development of plants. This growth lamp brings many benefits to our life, because it can increase the density of food production and so on. LED plant growth lamp may be relatively new in plant growth, but it is rapidly popularized due to its high energy efficiency and various uses in fruits and vegetables. In addition, LED can reduce the risk of fire and the cost of electricity in the planting room. LED plant growth lamp is suitable for various stages of plant growth and is suitable for water solution culture and soil culture, such as indoor garden, farm flowers and greenhouse vegetables. If you are interested, please contact us: General Manager: Jenny Lee


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